Are You Going to be Controlled by Fear or Step into Courage While You Go through your Life Transition?

I’m Martha Tassinari,  Certified Professional Holistic Life Transitions Coach and Founder of Holistic Life Transitions Institute.

I look forward to supporting and empowering you so that you can manifest your deepest vision of yourself, and create a life full of joy, passion, and purpose!

Are you ready to step into victory and embrace the woman you were meant to be?  Let’s begin….

To Transform Your Life and Create Positive Change, the Best Way is to Identify Where You Are in Your Life Transition:

 Life TransitionsHealing Transition or (Pretransition):

  • You know deep down you need to make a change/decision or transition, but you are not and this is causing you intense pain.
  • You are stuck in fear, self doubt, and inertia.  It feels safer  to do nothing about your situation, but you realize that if you don’t make a decision, your life will never change.  A healing needs to take place for you to move forward.

In this type of transition(or pre transition) you may find yourself:

  • Involved in a dysfunctional/codependent or toxic relationship.  You experience feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Stuck in old repetitive patterns (i.e. attracting the same type of unhealthy relationships, jobs, or situations) that are not serving you.
  • Focused on taking care of others and not making your health or life a priority.


Spiritual Transition:spiritual life transition

In  this transition you start to question your life purpose and what feeds your soul.  You are searching for a strong spiritual connection and are ready to learn how to tap into your intuition and Divine Guidance.

You know at a deep soul level that you are meant for something bigger, but not sure what IT looks like.

Does this sound familiar?:

  • You lack passion, joy, and a deep sense of purpose in your life.  You long to connect to your true Spirit and live a life that is in alignment with your core values and Authentic Self.
  • You don’t trust your intuition and feel spiritually disconnected.
  • You have  difficulty letting go of the past and feel a need to control others or future outcomes.

Life Transition:

This is where you are presently in a major life transition such as:                  life transition

  • divorce/separation
  • grief, loss. anxiety, and depression
  • recent empty nest
  • career change/starting a new business
  • relocaton/move
  • retirement
  • Healing crisis-affected by a serious illness such as cancer(whether you or a family member’s)

You may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • “How do I get through the fear, anxiety, and depression?”
  • “Why is this happening to me again ?”
  • “Will I ever get my life together?”

If any of this feels familiar, know
that you can breathe a sigh of relief.

You are in the perfect place and have landed here for a reason.

I have truly walked in your shoes.

I understand what it feels like to be stuck in an unhealthy, emotionally toxic alcoholic relationship, experience divorce, suffer job loss, change my career, grieve the loss of my mother, move several times and start a new business at age 46.

The life transition that really rocked my world was being diagnosed with lung cancer 2 days before my husband and I were moving into our new  dream home on Cape Cod.  We had just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary one month prior to this news. This was supposed to be a new chapter in our lives and I never thought going through cancer at age 51 was going to be part of my memoir.

I know from personal experience how challenging life transitions can consume you, drain your energy, steal your spirit, and create a great deal of pain-physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually .

I literally spent years and thousands of dollars on personal development courses and high level coaching/healing programs that taught me strategies and tools to help me on my own healing journey and transform my life.

It is through my personal journey, extensive education, and experience coaching my clients over the years that I developed a 7 step system  on how to navigate and frame these life transitions in a way that allows for the most growth, healing, and life transformation to happen.


Knowing the Steps Takes the Fear Away

Here’s a client’s personal experience that I guided through a challenging life transition:

“I was starting to doubt myself and was in a place of anxiety and negativity. I wanted to feel joy, attract healthy relationships, and gain clarity on my life purpose. I also was thinking about starting a business but had some fear around this.

Martha helped me discover the old beliefs, negative patterns, and unresolved emotions that were keeping me stuck and from moving forward. She gave me great feedback and helped me create a huge shift in my life.

I experienced a major life transformation from Martha’s coaching program:  I was able to let go of the anger, found some solutions towards healing my family relationships, and was able to let go of unhealthy relationships that were not serving me.

In addition, I started my own business which has skyrocketed beyond my expectations. It wasn’t easy but with Martha’s guidance and expertise we created the first steps in making this a reality.

I highly recommend Martha’s coaching programs if you are in the midst of a life transitions and you are ready to transform your life.”  

-M.B. Massachusetts

It is when you are disconnected from your Spiritual Connection and authentic self (your true Spirit) you may experience:

  • Depression, fear, stress, and anxiety
  • Feeling alone and unsupported
  • Feeling like a victim and stuck in a negative thought pattern

We become stuck in our circumstances and story which steals our joy, happiness, and freedom.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

I help you reconnect to your Authentic Self and teach you how to navigate life transitions with passion and courage!

Life transitions are truly a gift and offer us the opportunity for spiritual and personal transformation.

It is when we embrace the resistance that we allow ourselves to step into the power of courage

Are you ready for things to be different?

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